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Sonitor is the leading provider of unique, ultrasound-based Real Time Location System (RTLS) solutions linking the physical world with the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide real-time visibility and connected intelligence. As the first - and only - company to use proprietary ultrasound technology as the primary technology for indoor positioning systems (IPS), Sonitor's platform automatically tracks the real-time location of moveable equipment and people with 100% room or sub-room level accuracy in complex, indoor environments, such as hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgery centers. With an open integration platform, Sonitor provides the flexibility to leverage best-in-class software application solutions covering many uses such as nurse call, patient flow, workflow and capacity management, hand hygiene and infection control and asset and inventory management.

First hand clinical care environment experiences prompted Ole B. Hovind MD, M.P.H., founder and chairman, to establish Sonitor Technologies in 1997. Dr. Hovind was frustrated by wasted hospital staff time spent searching for active patient charts and mobile equipment and wanted to create an efficient technology-based system to address these well-documented problems. Under Dr. Hovind's guidance, Sonitor embarked on a mission to identify and further develop the most suitable technology for a precise real-time indoor tracking system. In doing so, Sonitor associated itself with the most advanced expertise in indoor wireless communication technology.

After extensive research, the Sonitor R&D team concluded that airborne ultrasound is the best communication platform to accurately locate moving objects by room (or by defined zones inside rooms) in complex buildings. Based on Digital Signal Processing technology, Sonitor is continuously refining its proprietary ultrasound real time location system (RTLS) technology to ensure the ultimate performance in large and complex indoor environments, such as hospitals.

The complexity of managing hospitals will continue to intensify due to increasing pressure for cost containment, a continuing shortage of qualified staff, the high pace of medical technology improvements, revisions in reimbursement rules, increasing focus on risk-management and the need for improved quality assurance to ensure the best patient care and outcomes. Consequently, the healthcare industry needs and is seeking efficiency and productivity-improving solutions.

Sonitor is committed to making life better by accelerating real-time insights to action to enhance and protect life, health and property.