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rtls safetyStaff and Patient safety continue to be a growing priority and concern in healthcare and other industries and as a result, there is an increasing reliance on RTLS technology to accurately and reliably locate staff and patients in real-time to be able to respond quickly in time of need. Sonitor delivers two platforms, powered by SmartZoning technology, specifically designed to address the needs of these applications.

Staff Safety:
Workplace violence can have a significant toll on businesses and their staff. Aside from the injury posed to employees, customers, and others, workplace violence can impact employee morale, performance, the work environment, the establishment's brand, and pose liability risks that could result in significant expense. Sonitor's SenseSafe technology is specifically designed for duress and safety use-cases and provides the most advanced, accurate, reliable, and flexible real-time location data so that timely assistance can be given to assist staff in threatening or dangerous situations. Click here to learn more

Patient and Resident Safety:
Wandering patients or residents, injuries suffered by a patient or resident while wandering, and unauthorized access to sensitive areas of a facility can burden caregivers, staff, and family unnecessarily. Sonitor's SenseAlert™ technology provides a discreet, flexible solution for helping solve potentially dangerous situations like patient and resident wandering and unauthorized access to sensitive areas of a facility without compromising freedom of movement. Click here to learn more

Benefits of these technologies include:

  • Preventing and detecting patient falls
  • Reducing risks for "wandering patient" elopement and injury
  • Staff duress alarms in help keep employees safe
  • Timely emergency response time
  • Peace of mind