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Applications in Healthcare

Enabling Advanced RTLS Applications

asset management patient flow workflow infection control nurse call environment monitoring application safety

Advanced RTLS applications are providing the means for healthcare to innovate and become ultra efficient. Sonitor Technologies is helping to drive this transformation with its revolutionary RTLS platform, Sonitor Sense™. With an open integration platform, combination of High Definition Ultrasound™ technology and Wi-Fi, Low Frequency RF sensory technologies and intelligent Sonitor Sense™ Tags that adapt to their environment, global partners are assured of a superior platform on which they can innovate. From nurse call to infection control, and patient flow to asset management, Sonitor is the sensible choice for application partners.

Super Efficient and Exact Pinpointing to

  • Locate individual patients
  • Locate needed staff
  • Track room usage
  • Track patient medications and procedures
  • Determine if process flow is on track
  • Enable other departments to anticipate ER handoff

The Result

  • Patients are tagged/followed from the moment they enter the ED and beyond
  • Processes tightened and flow-through streamlined
  • Patient treatment is expedited

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