RTLS (Real Time Location System) Leader Sonitor® Technologies Announces Launch of Staff Safety and Duress Technology. Technology Addresses Alarming Rise in Workplace Violence

RTLS (Real Time Location System) Leader Sonitor® Technologies Announces Launch of Staff Safety and Duress Technology. Technology Addresses Alarming Rise in Workplace Violence

Stamford (April 26, 2016) - Sonitor Technologies Inc., a global leader in indoor positioning technologies, announced today the introduction of Sonitor Sense SenseSafe™, their new technology enabling duress and safety applications designed for the company's RTLS open integration platform. SenseSafe helps healthcare and other industries address the alarming rise in workplace violence by giving staff a SmartSafe™ tag equipped with RTLS technology requiring only a single button press to pinpoint their exact location in real-time. 

SenseSafe technology is specifically designed for duress and safety applications. If a staff member or clinician is facing assault or other threatening situations, they can quickly and discreetly press a button on their SmartSafe tag which immediately provides their exact location, enabling a timely response from other staff or emergency responders. Sonitor's SenseSafe duress technology solution addresses staff safety concerns, reduces emergency response times, prevents injuries, and performs these actions discreetly, confidently keeping safe all that matters. (http://sonitor.com/application-safety.html

SenseSafe is an integral part of the Sonitor Sense RTLS System, a proprietary, high definition, open integration RTLS platform powered by SmartZoning™ technology, with Wi-Fi and LF to deliver a completely scalable solution that supports an expanding range of applications. The Sense QuadLT™ ultrasound location transmitter series is designed with optional vandal-proof covers to meet international IK10 standards for ruggedness and impact and will also allow for more direct transmission of the ultrasound signal helping extend the battery life of the devices by reducing signal attenuation. Sonitor SmartSafe tags are embedded with the logic to know their location and to communicate instantaneously over the Wi-Fi network when their position changes. Not only does this provide real-time update rates, it enables industry-leading battery life for low maintenance and cost. 

"SenseSafe delivers peace of mind to clinicians and staff on the front lines of healthcare and other industries, and it helps emergency response teams and security officers do their jobs more effectively," said Anne Bugge, President and CEO of Sonitor Technologies, Inc. "Along with our other product launches at HIMSS, which include the SenseAlert solution and our SmartTag Temperature Tags, Sonitor continues to expand its state-of-the-art technology to improve the safety of healthcare and other key industry stakeholders across the board."