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More Locations With Less Hardware

The Sonitor Sense™ Ultrasound Location Transmitter family of products combine both ultrasound and low frequency transmitters in a single unit to enhance the positioning accuracy and update rate of the Sonitor Sense™ SmartTags. Battery powered and completely wire-free, the Sonitor Sense™ Location Transmitters offer flexible placement and simple deployment.

The latest addition to the Sonitor Sense™ Location Transmitter family is the Quad-LT™ Ultrasound Location Transmitter Series which offers more zone coverage with less hardware.

Features include:

  • A single unit that provides up to four distinct zones allowing for full flexibility with fewer devices
  • Wireless, 3-5 year battery life from 4 standard 1.5V alkaline batteries
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) option
location transmitter

WI-FI Compatible Infrastructure

Sonitor Sense™ Location Transmitters can be operated standalone and fully autonomously or in a network. The configurations allow for a completely wire-free installation. When operated in a network, the transmitter uses 802.15.4 based 2-way communication with very low latency and built-in redundancy.

Safe and Low Cost Batteries

The Ultrasound Location Transmitters use ordinary alkaline batteries to achieve a record breaking battery life of up to 5 years. Alkaline batteries were selected over the Lithium based technology seen in other RTLS technologies because of their reduced cost (up to 20 times lower cost), inherent safety and reduced environmental impact.

RTLS Location Zones

An RTLS Location zone can either be a room or a smaller area within a room. The Sonitor Sense™ Ultrasound Location Transmitters support multiple zones and are typically deployed to create a single invisible wall, dividing part of the room or creating a directional chokepoint. Through a combination of Sonitor Sense™ Ultrasound Location Transmitters, a virtually unlimited number of zone patterns can be realized in rooms and larger areas. To establish area level zones with defined perimeters, such as a long hallway, Sonitor Sense™ Location transmitters can simply be placed, and function as choke points, at the defined area's exit/egress locations. The Location Transmitter can also support a single 3D tunable low frequency RFID excitation zone, even in combination with ultrasound zones; all from a single unit.

Splash Proof

All Location Transmitters are IP44 rated which means that they can be deployed in bathrooms and outdoors.


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