Communication and Patient Satisfaction


How Can RTLS Help You Communicate More Effectively to Improve Patient Satisfaction?

One of the most influencing factors driving patient satisfaction is communication. Three of the four measures RAND Corporation arrived at to assess a patient’s experience in the ED dealt with communication. By being able to provide accurate, reliable real-time location data through RTLS (real time location systems), a patient’s family can be better informed about the patient’s whereabouts and status, having a major influence on patient experience and satisfaction.

Imagine if your ED staff could know when a patient has been sent away from their room/bay for testing and where in the hospital they are physically located. Or imagine if your staff could tell a relative exactly where a patient is if they are not in their room and, with accuracy, how long they’ve been away. Imagine if you could immediately and in real time be notified exactly when a patient is entering a room and notify the appropriate doctors that the patient is ready to be seen. Or, if your staff could know and be notified that it is their turn in the process to visit the patient. Imagine the wasted minutes and hours searching and waiting for patients or staff that could be eliminated if your facility was communicating these critically important pieces of patient information.

With Sonitor Sense™ RTLS, there is no need to ‘imagine’ – it’s possible. RTLS is providing hospitals and medical facilities with the ability to inform concerned family members on the whereabouts of their family member in real time, share their progress in real time, and avoid miscommunications which can negatively impact a patient’s, and their family’s experience. By using Sonitor® RTLS to monitor and locate your facility’s patients, beds, staff, and equipment, you arm your emergency medical staff with access to accurate, bed or bay-level location information, and an overview patient progression throughout the ED.

Sonitor Sense™ RTLS provides unparalleled, accurate, and reliable indoor positioning data. Combining the highest level of accuracy and the fastest update rates the market has to offer, Sonitor’s RTLS can help you track, locate, and manage your patients and communicate important information in real time.

Sonitor Sense RTLS core positioning technology, powered by SmartZoning™ technology, is based on ultrasound which delivers the most consistently accurate and reliable location data. Unlike other technologies used in RTLS (ex. radio frequency and infrared), ultrasound signals are contained by walls, floors, ceilings and even windows and glass partitions. In addition, virtual walls can be easily created to provide sub-room and chair level resolution with up to four distinct zones created with a single device.

As a result, communication and patient satisfaction are greatly increased limiting the amount of wasted time and negative experiences for your patients and staff. Sonitor Sense RTLS can help improve communication and patient satisfaction in the ED by equipping computers in visitor areas with real time location data that can be used by hospital staff to update a patient’s loved ones on their whereabouts. It can share the progress of the patient in real time, avoiding miscommunications that can send family members to an empty room. RTLS can help your facility provide an overall impression of efficiency, ultimately leading to greater patient satisfaction across the scale.