Faster Room Turnover


How Can RTLS Increase Your ED’s Room Turnover?

Patient wait times in the ED can play a key role in patient satisfaction and the quality of care delivered. Based on insights that RTLS (real time location system) analytics can enable, saving just one minute of a nurse’s time per patient per day over the course of one year, could translate into the necessary time for an LPN to care for several hundred more patients. This means more patients entering your facility, and thus greater return on investment (ROI).

Traditionally RTLS has been leveraged for asset and equipment tracking and management – but consider the value it could deliver to increasing your facility’s room turnover rate.

Imagine The Possibilities

Imagine if your EVS staff could automatically and in real time be notified that a room is ready for cleaning? Or if your staff could speed up even the most basic of tasks, such as cleaning and preparing the patient room or bay between patients? Or if at the push of a button, your staff can inform the facility that a patient has been discharged and a bed is ready and prepped for the next patient?

With Sonitor Sense™ RTLS, there is no need to ‘imagine’—it’s possible. RTLS is providing hospitals and medical facilities with the ability to reduce patient wait times by having faster room turnover rates, having a direct, positive impact on staff workflow and staffing levels. By using Sonitor® RTLS tags to locate and monitor patients, beds, staff, and equipment, you provide your emergency medical staff with access to accurate, real time bed or bay-level status information.

By leveraging RTLS, basic tasks such as cleaning and prepping rooms or bays between patients can be accelerated and as a result, room turnover can be significantly sped up throughout your facility. Specific staff that have been assigned to bed turnover are easily informed, via immediate notification through RTLS (once a patient’s badge is dropped off), that their bed is vacant. Such notifications allow EDs to fill empty beds faster, improving productivity and increasing revenue, which is linked to greater patient satisfaction and higher quality care.

Sonitor Sense RTLS can help reduce the time patients spend waiting by identifying vacant rooms and reducing delays, allowing more time for patient care and potentially shortening their time in the ED. By providing your facility with greater visibility, your staff and patients progress through their perioperative journey and key clinical milestones as fast and thorough as possible—ultimately allowing your facility to confidently do more with less.