It's Budgeting Season, Do You Know Where Your Assets Are?


With budget season upon us, you and your staff are hard at work putting together your facility’s needs. Decisions on where to invest need to be made. Wouldn’t it be great if your team could provide you with:

  • Utilization data & statistics of all your mobile medical equipment
  • Exact inventory levels in real time
  • Rental vs. owned equipment requirements
  • Equipment downtime

Sonitor Sense ™ RTLS Helps You Manage Your Assets with Ease

Sonitor’s Sense RTLS provides unparalleled, accurate, and reliable indoor positioning data.

Combining the highest level of accuracy and the fastest update rates the market has to offer, Sonitor’s RTLS can help you track, locate, and manage your assets in real time. You can be confident that your technology will be efficient, flexible, scalable, and have an easy deployment. Ultimately, you will witness a proven low cost of ownership over your products life cycle.