Full-stack Software Engineer – Oslo, Norway

We are on the brink of something big! Why not join us and be a part of it?

Are you such a good developer that you can create solutions so simple that even your grandparents can set them up? At the same time so powerful that Elon Musk is intrigued? So useful that it improves and changes all our lives?

Sounds good? Let’s look at the some of the many perks that come with this this job.
Of course we can say we pay well and have good insurance and pension schemes. Well, of course we have all that in place, but let us look at what really makes this position interesting. Here you will be a part of the whole journey in relation to the products and services. You will be in contact with the “real stuff” of IOT devices and work both front-end and back-end, yes even some embedded is involved. You will be able to create something, something new, something for the future and perhaps even better; You could end up being in touch with some key environments including the big boys and girls in Silicon Valley. Interesting? Well, there is more. Imagine the opportunity to create something that previously has not been created? Imagine using different pioneering technologies daily? Imagine being part of something that even MIT couldn’t work out? Well this could be big, really big, and you could be an integral part of this “something really big”.

Who are we looking for?
We need a great developer with experience from modern server-side programming. Someone who can understand large complex systems and someone with experience from networks and network programming. JAVA would be good but not essential, and much more important is that you have a passion for IOT and what this may do to our lives in the future.

What will you be doing?
You will work in the team that are responsible for the “big bad boss” which controls all the IOT devices in the products and solutions. You will be responsible for developing cloud server solutions and new functionalities to support Sonitor`s ground breaking technologies including smart phone solutions. Not only that, you and your team will also be responsible for the development of user interface using Angular and Typescript.

So what next?
You can either send your CV to our recruitment partner, Erik Falk Hansen in OG-S AS efh@ogsnorway.com or simply get in touch with Erik for an informal and 100% confidential chat on +47 40 43 54 93. Erik and OG-S have a lot more info for you, and even if you are not actively looking for a new challenge, perhaps it is worth reading through this information. You can then make a decision as to whether this is a position for you or not.

Want to join us in making a huge splash around the world and enter a multi billion USD industry? All this from Oslo! We certainly want you on board.