Software Engineer – Oslo, Norway

GPS has simplified our lives in many ways: Google maps while you navigate, Uber when you need a lift, Tripadvisor when you need a restaurant near you. Why is there no equivalent indoors? Why are there no apps that can help you find that soy sauce at Rema? We believe our solution can unlock the full potential of indoor positioning, and that it outperforms everything else. With our new solution for positioning smartphones, we plan to make a huge splash around the world.

We want developers that can create solutions so simple that your grandparents can set them up, so powerful that even Elon Musk is intrigued, and so useful that they improve everybody's life.

Are you up for the challenge?

As part of our server team you will:

  • Design, develop and test our server and cloud components
  • Provide support to our customers and the commercial organization as needed


  • Can understand and design software for large complex systems
  • Have a good understanding of front end technologies (we are using Typescript and AngularJS)
  • Have a good understanding of back end technologies and frameworks (we are using Java)
  • Have a good understanding of the "software stack", including network protocols and how they are implemented
  • Know what it takes to go from something that works to something that can be shipped (testing methods, issue tracking, code quality etc)
  • Understand what makes great software and delivers a great user experience
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Are curious and never want to stop learning

We are:

  • On the brink of something big
  • A great and exciting place to work

We offer:

  • A challenging and exciting position on a dynamic team in a fast growing, global company
  • Competitive terms, excellent benefits, and flexible working hours
  • An opportunity for personal and professional development with an innovative, growing company entering new markets

The position is located in Oslo, Norway.

About Sonitor Technologies:
Sonitor Technologies is an innovative technology company that develops revolutionary indoor positioning systems based on patented ultrasound technology. This technology can position people, equipment and smartphones indoors accurately and reliably. The company develops, manufactures and supplies products that can be used in hospitals, hotels, airports, restaurants and more around the world. The technology has a vast number of use cases that can increase productivity, reduce costs and improve personal experiences and the quality of life. The company was founded in Oslo, Norway in 1997 with R&D and operations headquarters located in Oslo, Norway and commercial (sales, marketing and support) headquarters located in Stamford, Connecticut.

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