Corporate Overview

Sonitor IPS Holding AS (Indoor Positioning Systems) is the parent company for two subsidiaries; Sonitor Technologies AS and Forkbeard Technologies AS. For over 20 years the company has led in developing and commercializing ultrasound-based RTLS for healthcare and other market segments.

Sonitor Technologies AS focuses on commercialization and expansion of the market-leading Sonitor Sense RTLS platform and will partner with Forkbeard Technologies AS in the commercialization of the Forkbeard technology platform in healthcare and other markets.

Sonitor's patented ultrasound technology continues to set the standard for accurate indoor positioning. Commercially launched in 2014, Sonitor Sense has established itself as the RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) market leader in accurate and reliable indoor positioning in hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities worldwide. Forkbeard, with its potential to turn billions of smart mobile devices into highly accurate indoor positioning and wayfinding tools, is on the threshold of revolutionizing and transforming indoor positioning in healthcare and across additional and larger market verticals.

Forkbeard Technologies AS is focused on the development of platform technologies for cloud-based, indoor positioning of mobile devices.

Building on Sonitor’s patented ultrasound technology, the Forkbeard platform provides accuracy and reliability in software-enabled positioning of smartphones, tablets and other mobile smart devices. Combining industry standard audio with Bluetooth technology, Forkbeard always delivers room-level accuracy based upon Sonitor’s proprietary ultrasound technology.

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