Forkbeard Wayfinding: Is Your Data Center Safe? Don't You Need to Know in Real-Time?

Data Center: Overview

We know that 100% uptime and optimizing the use of your assets is critical. Data centers contain the brains of organizations and the data it contains is their investment, it’s their intellectual property, it’s their business. Whether it’s big data on servers or in the cloud, making sure you’re protecting it is imperative.

Sonitor’s indoor positioning technology is the only technology that delivers location accuracy down to the rack level. In addition, Lyra™, powered by Phone-FUEL, delivers seamless integration on smart devices (iPhone, Android, tablets, smart watches, etc.), arming your staff with powerful, accurate navigation and location tools so they can be more productive and effective.

Our unique Forkbeard positioning platform allows you to actively and in real-time monitor who is accessing your defined, secure areas, when they are accessing and what racks and servers they are interacting with – down to the second and down to the inch.

No other technology can deliver this accurately and reliably.

What if you could:







Monitor and Manage Access

By deploying Sonitor’s indoor positioning technology you can easily monitor in real time, which personnel are accessing data centers. Accurate location down to server and rack level can be achieved with Forkbeard giving you the added security you need to protect against security breaches.

Guarantee Safety and Security of Staff

We know the safety of your staff is important. By deploying Sonitor’s indoor positioning technology you can monitor the safety of your personnel at all times. In addition, in the event of an emergency, when wearing or carrying Sonitor tags or badges, or carrying Lyra enabled smartphones, your employees are only a button press or swipe away from communicating their need for help. When security gets the alert, they can be 100% confident that Lyra’s accurate wayfinding capabilities will guide them to the exact location within 1-2 feet. 

Guarantee Privacy of Data

Make sure only authorized personnel are accessing and interacting with servers. By deploying Sonitor’s indoor positioning technology, security will be alerted in real-time if unauthorized personnel enter RTLS-enabled environments.