Wayfinding and Workflow

This unique mobile smart device technology platform represents
a new paradigm in accurate and efficient indoor positioning. 


Based on the patented Fast Ultrasound Echo Location (FUEL) technology, Forkbeard delivers near 100 times more location accuracy than BLE, (Bluetooth low energy) allowing you to get down to inch level location accuracy in indoor environments. Combining the strength of ultrasound with the formidable array of sensor technologies found in modern device platforms, Forkbeard accurately positions mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops with a latency of only up to 1 – 2 seconds. And the ultrasound technology always ensures 99.99% room-level location accuracy, which makes Forkbeard the only indoor positioning technology needed for all workflow and wayfinding applications. 

iOS, Android, Window, MacOS, phones, tablet, iPads, PCs; it's all supported. We simply require that your device supports industry standard audio.

Our SDK does the rest.


Forkbeard – The Story.

Sometimes History Can Repeat Itself

King Harald Blåtann (also known as Bluetooth) ruled Norway in late 900 A.D. and was described as being exceptional at connecting people and cultures. This inspired the naming of Bluetooth (BLE) technology by Ericsson in the 1990’s, a technology that enables the exchange of wireless data. As with reigning kings, technology is often also challenged and can be dethroned.

In 986 A.D. Sweyn Forkbeard, who was known for his navigational expertise, revolted against his father, King Bluetooth, and eventually dethroned him. Forkbeard technology from Sonitor represents a new paradigm in wireless connectivity and accurate indoor positioning, challenging the performance of BLE-only technology for indoor positioning. Forkbeard technology combines the capability of BLE with the proven accuracy of Sonitor’s ultrasound location technology.

This results in delivering the best indoor navigational accuracy and experience combined with the best-in-class indoor positioning and location accuracy customers have come to trust from Sonitor.


Fast Ultrasound Echo Location.

A simple software development kit (SDK) that can be deployed on all major smart device operating systems (iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows) enables the positioning of smart mobile devices. As a cloud-based positioning service, once Phone-FUEL is initialized, mobile smart device positioning is independent of the network availability. In addition, Phone-FUEL works in App background mode, ensuring low processing demands and battery consumption. Because it works in background mode, accurate positioning data is delivered even when the screen is off or the device is in a pocket or under a piece of clothing.

This proprietary technology uses a very specific, high resolution technique that leverages the unique and powerful acoustic reflections only delivered through ultrasound.



Lyra allows smart devices (phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.) or PCs to be positioned accurately using Forkbeard ultrasound echo location technology. Simply integrate the Phone-FUEL in an application and experience seamless outdoor-indoor wayfinding and 100% room level location accuracy using our revolutionary ultraBeacon infrastructure. Making optimal use of the physics of ultrasound, the accuracy and latency of Lyra are simply revolutionary!

With Lyra there is no complex setup process, calibration or training. Deploy the long battery life ultraBeacons, place them in a floor map and our intelligent SenseVIEW™ solution takes care of the rest.

Lyra is compatible with the billions of personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches on the market today and is supported on the popular iOS and Android operating systems.

Lyra leverages the built-in audio hardware in the device which enables accurate acoustic positioning in third party software applications.

Our Phone-FUEL SDK turns the audio hardware into a GPS-like positioning receiver bringing the power, usability and value of GPS indoors.

Phone-FUEL’ed devices are still positioned when screen is turned off or the application is running in the background. Even better, it consumes very little power while doing so. Lyra, therefore, supports both consumer and professional use cases using a unified infrastructure.



ultraBeacons are the devices used in our Forkbeard platform. The ultraBeacon is a small (approximately the size of an AppleTV), battery operated (4 AA cell batteries) location transmitter combining RF and ultrasound technology. Based on its unique design, its power consumption is minimal and the batteries will easily last 5 years. It can be deployed rapidly thanks to its smart mounting features and built-in intelligence. Mount, configure and use in under a minute. The ultraBeacon is compatible with billions of smart devices and PCs (personal computers).

Introducing Forkbeard, the powerful, unique positioning platform from Sonitor that represents a new paradigm in indoor positioning.