RTLS Tags: We Know You Want to Protect Your Staff. We Can Help.

Hospitality: Overview

We know that you work hard to provide a safe work environment for your staff, and with statistics that show that 8 out of 10 hotel workers have been harassed while on duty, we know you can’t do it alone. 

When your staff is equipped with Sonitor’s SenseSafe™ Safety and Duress RTLS tags and infrastructure, you are guaranteed 100% room and floor level location accuracy.  Your staff is only a button press away from discreetly notifying security that they are in a threatening or dangerous situation and need immediate help.

What you need:








What we deliver:



By deploying Sonitor’s indoor positioning technology you will immediately and accurately locate staff in time of need. Powered by SmartZoning™ technology, Sonitor’s technology is based on ultrasound which delivers 100% room level accuracy – all the time.

Unlike other technologies used in RTLS (i.e. radio frequency and infrared), ultrasound signals are contained by walls, floors, ceilings and even windows and glass partitions. This means the signal stays in the room and doesn’t bleed into the hall, the room next door or the floor above or below.

And that means security gets to the right place – guaranteed!



Our SmartSafe™ tags are designed to deliver a Wi-Fi message every 2 seconds when a duress alarm is triggered by a simple button press. When the button is pressed, a red LED light blinks continually until the tag is manually reset. In addition, the Sonitor platform also delivers redundancy and high availability ensuring that alerts are never missed. 

These attributes minimize the risk of missing that important call for help when your staff needs it the most and makes sure security gets to the right location – the first time.



Our location transmitters transmit their ultrasound ID, which is specifically associated with the room location through many 3rd party software platforms, every second. Our tags receive this signal and record their location within 1-3 seconds of entering a room with an ultrasound location transmitter, typically placed in every guest room. By delivering the fastest update rates and accurately communicating the tag’s location, your staff’s safety is increased - significantly.