Sonitor Sense™ RTLS Provides Actionable Insights to Track, Monitor and Manage Infection Control Events

Control & Contain

In addition to tracking individual staff members and their movements (such as at hand-washing stations), Sonitor’s RTLS technology is also being used to track behaviors and interactions that can lead to infections. Sonitor’s Sense RTLS provides accuracy at distances of less than 12 inches allowing infection control capabilities to a new level. This cutting-edge technology can track the movement of people and equipment from pumps to wheelchairs to mattresses to determine the time, location, and parties involved in possible exposure and transmission.

Sonitor’s open integration platform powered by SmartZoning™ technology, is designed for seamless integration with leading, third party application software and integration solutions that require RTLS data and supports use-cases across the continuum of care. These third party applications can provide reports indicating when individuals and assets have been in contact with each other.

Today, Sonitor's advanced systems enable facilities to:

  • In real time, see which assets have been in contact with one another, and track the chain of contacts thereafter

  • Determine if and when a procedure like an equipment cleaning or hand washing has been missed

  • Improve workflows and behaviors to reduce the spread of infection