Real Time Location Systems Deliver Enhanced Peace of Mind, Critical Real-time Safety and Increased Satisfaction for Both Residents and Caregivers

Long Term Care: Overview

We know that the safety and care of your residents is paramount. Potential risks to residents can burden and cause concern to caregivers, staff, and family.  In addition, caregivers experience tremendous pressure and feel significant responsibility to respond to residents in a timely manner on a daily basis – especially if a resident is in immediate need or in distress. However, even when residents are not in distress, caregiver productivity is impacted significantly when workflow information is not available or verifiable. Caregiver time is often under intense scrutiny by administrators as well as by loved ones of the residents in their care.

Sonitor’s Sense RTLS technology is a discreet, flexible solution designed to integrate with nurse call and other third-party solutions to help manage and automate many resident-staff interactions giving your staff more time to focus on residents and their care needs. When integrated with nurse call solutions, activities such as nurse call cancellation and nurse assist are fully automated. This can deliver enormous productivity gains and provides full transparency to administrative staff allowing them to maximize efficiencies and to provide family members with invaluable, objective insights into the care of their loved ones.

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Having access to indoor positioning data – in real-time at all times – allows you to identify and locate a resident that has wandered or to be notified that someone has entered an unauthorized area. Immediate visibility to this data can help you accelerate response time and ensure the safety of patients, residents and staff.

By providing residents with wearables, such as the SmartTag™ Mini, residents are only a button press away from the assistance they need.  These tags are embedded with the logic to know their location and to communicate only when there is a change in position or a button press within 1-3 seconds over a facility’s Wi-Fi network. As a result, the tags enhance residents’ safety and wellbeing while allowing staff to locate and respond to residents quickly.


Sonitor’s Sense RTLS accurately and reliably positions residents in common areas - such as the TV or meal rooms, or to a specific resident room and even down to a specific chair if needed. Unlike other technologies used in RTLS (ex. radio frequency and infrared), ultrasound signals are contained by walls, floors, ceilings and even windows and glass partitions so when a tag is reporting its location in a specific area or room, you can be confident that its location is accurate.


With Sense RTLS, facility administrators can monitor the effectiveness of staff workflow based on irrefutable data. Understanding patient acuity by analyzing real-time data allows nursing managers to manipulate resident assignments by the needs of the residents. For example, caregivers and administrators now can understand that an elderly, high-risk resident may need more attention than the temporary resident recovering from a scheduled surgery. Some residents require more time or have more needs. Real-time data allows administrators to have an equal approach in how resident assignments are given, which is, obviously, to ensure that residents are kept safe and that their needs are taken care of. The location data provides an added level of insight to staff and resident interactions. Peace of mind is gained for loved ones as well – if necessary, they can review when residents ask for assistance, who responded to the call and, importantly, the timeline for the entire interaction.  Administrators gain a higher degree of confidence about levels of care when data is available to substantiate caregiver responsiveness to the needs of the residents.

The Sonitor Sense Quad LT™ (ultrasound location transmitter) family of products are wireless devices that can easily and discreetly be mounted to the ceiling or other surfaces.

By delivering an efficient, discreet, flexible, scalable and easy to deploy indoor positioning system, facilities can optimize placement of devices in long term care environments as needed and be confident that their systems will be secure and tamper-proof.


Residents at long term care facility Life Care in South Australia experience an enormous increase in security - their loved ones do too - since their care is now delivered and viewed in real time with the help of Sonitor Sense RTLS technology.  Click below to view video.



Cathinka Guldberg-Center Lovisenberg (CGSL)

CGSL Uses Sonitor Technologies RTLS to Revolutionize Long Term Care