Lyra Smartphone Positioning: Finding your way and being positioned accurately has never been so easy and reliable


No modifications needed to phone; uses phone microphone


Compatible with standard operating systems – iOS, Android, Windows


Phone-FUEL works in the background, minimizing battery consumption

Now your smartphone IS your positioning device

Lyra allows smart devices (phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.) or PC’s to be positioned accurately using Forkbeard ultrasound echo location technology. Simply integrate the Phone-FUEL in an application and experience seamless outdoor-indoor wayfinding and 100% room level location accuracy using our revolutionary ultraBeacon infrastructure. Making optimal use of the physics of ultrasound, the accuracy and latency of Lyra are simply revolutionary!

With Lyra there is no complex setup process, calibration or training. Deploy the long battery life ultraBeacons, place them in a floor map and our intelligent SenseVIEW solution takes care of the rest.

Lyra is compatible with the billions of personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches on the market today and is supported on the popular iOS and Android operating systems.

Lyra leverages the built-in audio hardware in the device which enables accurate acoustic positioning in third party software applications.

Our Phone-FUEL™ SDK turns the audio hardware into a GPS-like positioning receiver bringing the power, usability and value of GPS indoors.

Phone-FUEL’ed devices are still positioned when screen is turned off or the application is running in the background. Even better, it consumes very little power while doing so. Lyra, therefore, supports both consumer and professional use cases using a unified infrastructure.

Sonitor’s Group CEO and President, Arne Oyen, describes and demonstrates Forkbeard™ and Lyra™ technology