Our Story

Sonitor – 20+ Years of Innovation and Passion for Ultrasound-Based Indoor Positioning Technology

At Sonitor, we provide the most accurate and reliable indoor positioning technology to improve quality of life.

Founded in Oslo, Norway by Ole B. Hovind, MD, M.P.H., Sonitor is surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and expertise in ultrasound-based innovation. Dr. Hovind had a vision to create an efficient technology-based system to address well-documented problems that negatively impacted staff productivity such as searching for patient charts and mobile medical equipment. Since that time, Sonitor’s mission has been to continue to innovate and further develop the best-in-class technology for precise, real-time indoor positioning. 

During our first ten years, Sonitor focused a significant amount of effort on the key research and development of ultrasound-based Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) resulting in dozens of awarded patents. These early, successful achievements were the foundation for the commercial launch of our first-generation ultrasound-based RTLS platform which firmly established our mark as the first – and only – ultrasound-based indoor positioning company. 

Continued innovation and market penetration of our technology throughout the world remains true to Sonitor’s original vision with an eye toward the future of indoor positioning in healthcare and beyond. The Forkbeard™ platform and associated products and applications are the latest evidence that Sonitor has a passion for accurate, reliable indoor positioning technology that runs deep among its many talented and devoted employees, partners and customers around the world. We are committed to bringing the very best in technological innovation to bear in the field of indoor positioning which will continue to define how the world navigates the future.