Sonitor® Technologies RTLS Ultrasound Platform Deployed Throughout Sanford Medical Center's Fargo New State-of-the-Art Facility

Stamford, CT (July 27, 2017) Sonitor Technologies, a global leader in indoor, ultrasound-based positioning technologies is proud to announce that its Real Time Location System (RTLS), Sonitor Sense,™ has been deployed at Sanford Medical Center Fargo. Sanford Medical Center Fargo celebrated the grand opening of its new healthcare facility on July 25th, 2017. Sanford has built a state-of-the-art medical center that not only serves the immediate metropolitan area, but will serve as a medical destination for the larger region of the Dakotas and Minnesota. 

Sanford Medical Center Fargo, a 538 bed facility, will leverage Sonitor's Sense™ RTLS platform to increase efficiencies for caregivers and enhance the patient experience. Sonitor Sense™, a proprietary, ultrasound-based RTLS, will initially support workflow and asset management use cases enabling medical staff to quickly locate and track equipment ultimately delivering seamless, best-in-class care for patients. 

Sonitor's Sense™ proprietary ultrasound-based RTLS provides actionable location and event-based data that will allow the facility to better manage and optimize caregiver workflow resulting in enhanced patient satisfaction levels. With the ability to track and maintain a variety of assets in real time, Sanford will dramatically improve the ease and accuracy of asset and inventory management resulting in increased savings and better overall outcomes.

"We are extremely proud and excited to continue to partner with Sanford on their continuous journey to deliver seamless, best in class patient-centered care," said Anne Bugge, Sonitor Technologies, Inc. President and CEO. "It has been such a pleasure participating in Sanford's efforts to bring their patients and community the very latest technology which is so central to quality healthcare delivery."

About Sonitor Technologies 
Sonitor Technologies is a leading provider of Real Time Location System (RTLS) solutions linking the physical world with the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide real-time visibility and connected intelligence. As the first - and only - company to use proprietary ultrasound technology as the primary technology for indoor positioning systems (IPS), Sonitor's platform automatically tracks the real-time location of moveable equipment and people with 100% room or sub-room level accuracy in complex, indoor environments, such as hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgery centers. With an open integration platform, Sonitor provides the most efficient infrastructure delivering the lowest total cost of ownership and the flexibility to leverage best-in-class software solutions covering a wide variety of applications.  

About Sanford Health
Sanford Health is an integrated health system headquartered in the Dakotas. It is one of the largest health systems in the nation with 45 hospitals and nearly 300 clinics in nine states and four countries. Sanford Health's 28,000 employees, including more than 1,300 physicians, make it the largest employer in the Dakotas. Nearly $1 billion in gifts from philanthropist Denny Sanford have allowed for several initiatives, including global children's clinics, genomic medicine and specialized centers researching cures for type 1 diabetes, breast cancer and other diseases. For more information, visit