RTLS Leader Sonitor® Technologies to Participate in the Cerner Health Conference 2015

Live Demonstration of Sonitor and Cerner Technologies Showcases the Power of RTLS in Healthcare

Stamford, CT (October 8, 2015) —Sonitor RTLS Technologies, the global Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology leader, announced today that it is a sponsor of and exhibiting (Booth 231) at the annual Cerner Health Conference (CHC) to be held on October 11-14, 2015, in Kansas City, MO. The 2015 conference theme, “Connecting what Matters,” highlights the importance of connecting all aspects of health and care to achieve a comprehensive and integrated continuum of care.

During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to experience how the Sonitor Sense™ RTLS System and the Cerner CareAware Capacity Management™ solutions provide transparency and alignment of assets (staff, patients and equipment) at the right time and right place to increase efficiency, productivity, throughput and outcomes through a live demonstration. Sonitor’s RTLS technology coupled with Cerner’s solutions provide accurate and reliable indoor positioning information to hospitals that directly affects patients, caregivers and organizational leadership alike. Together, the solutions are designed to improve delivery of care while reducing and avoiding costs. Ultimately, having a direct impact on the continuum of care. “CHC provides an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate to nearly 14,000 health care industry leaders, and practitioners, the impact of both the Sonitor and Cerner solutions hospital-wide,” said Anne Bugge, President and CEO of Sonitor Technologies, Inc.

Sonitor has developed the healthcare industry’s most accurate and advanced open integration RTLS platform, Sonitor Sense™ for reliable indoor positioning in complex environments. Real-time location systems are used to automatically identify and locate mobile objects or people in real time. Sonitor Sense is designed to efficiently provide industry-leading location accuracy (to bay, bed, chair, room, or area level depending on the use case). This fully scalable and unobtrusive RTLS can be used not only for positioning patients, staff and assets in real time, but also improving workflow, patient flow, and enhancing patient

safety and infection control with the potential to deliver significant return on investment for the healthcare facility.

To learn more please visit Sonitor at CHC 2015, Booth# 231, or visit www.sonitor.com/cerner15 to schedule a demonstration.

About Sonitor Technologies

Sonitor Technologies’ tiered resolution Real Time Locations Systems (RTLS), with patented High Definition Ultrasound, Wi-Fi and Low Frequency RF (LF) capabilities, are specifically developed and designed for indoor positioning in complex environments. Sonitor has developed the healthcare industry’s most advanced open integration RTLS platform, Sonitor Sense™, a wireless system which supports a wide range of applications to make hospital operations more efficient. Sonitor is selected by world-class solution integration partners and healthcare provider organizations. For more information please visit www.sonitor.com.