RTLS Administration Software Overview

The primary focus of Sonitor’s software is to deliver the most accurate and reliable location data and to ensure the health and performance of the Sonitor system. To support that, we have a number of system performance tools and embedded device software to make sure you can get the most of our indoor positioning technologies.

Although we don’t deliver end-user application software, with an open integration RTLS platform, we provide the flexibility to leverage best-in-class software application solutions. 



SenseVIEW is a state-of-the-art software program that provides customers with immediate, visual confirmation that their system is working optimally, and through unique mapping capabilities, pinpoints the exact location when a device is not performing. In addition, SenseVIEW displays tag and infrastructure signal strength and battery status information.

SenseVIEW allows easy access to administration and configuration tasks for Sonitor tags and the infrastructure. It provides a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use web-based user interface to all the aspects of Sonitor’s RTLS.  It is typically used during the install and configuration phase.  In the production phase, SenseVIEW also supports maintenance tasks such as infrastructure health monitoring and tag configuration.


Fast Ultrasound Echo Location.

A simple software development kit (SDK) that can be deployed on all major smart device operating systems (iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows) enables the positioning of smart mobile devices. As a cloud-based positioning service, once Phone-FUEL is initialized, mobile smart device positioning is independent of the network availability. In addition, Phone-FUEL works in App background mode, ensuring low processing demands and low battery consumption. Because it works in background mode, accurate positioning data is delivered even when the screen is off or the device is in a pocket or under a piece of clothing.

This proprietary technology uses a very specific, high resolution technique that leverages the unique and powerful acoustic reflections only delivered through ultrasound.

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Embedded Device Software

Enabling ultrasound software receivers on ARM and other platforms (licensing)

If you are interested in enabling ultrasound positioning accuracy in your embedded device in high volumes, benefit from Sonitor’s 20 year experience in ultrasound innovation and contact us about our licensed software and hardware designs for a number of microcontroller platforms (ATMEGA, ARM).