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Ambulatory Services

Sonitor Sense RTLS Helps Accelerate Patient Throughput and Improve the Bottom Line

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Asset Management

Sonitor Sense RTLS Enables Asset Management with the most Advanced, Accurate and Flexible RTLS Technology


Forkbeard - The Future. Found.

A powerful, Unique Positioning Platform from Sonitor that Represents a New Paradigm in Indoor Positioning


Patient Wandering and Safety

Sonitor's SenseAlert Patient Wandering and Safety RTLS Technology Helps Confidently and Securely Protect and Keep All that Matters Safe


Staff Safety and Duress

Sonitor's SenseSafe Safety and Duress Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Helps Confidently and Securely Protect and Keep All that  Matters Safe

Case Studies


Cathinka Guldberg-Center Lovisenberg (CGSL)

CGSL Uses Sonitor Technologies RTLS to Revolutionize Long Term Care

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MedStar Harbor Hospital

MedStar Harbor Hospital Chooses Sonitor Sense RTLS Real Time Locating Technology to Ensure Staff Safety in High-Risk Environments


Altru Advanced Orthopedics

Altru Advanced Orthopedics Chooses Sonitor Sense RTLS to Intelligently Drive Innovative New Models of Care Delivery


NCH Healthcare System

NCH Healthcare System Leverages Sonitor Sense RTLS and Cerner CareAware Solutions to Deliver Patient-centric, Personalized Care



Real-Time Benefits of Asset Tracking and Inventory Management


Real-Time Benefits of Keeping Staff Safe