Sonitor Sense™ Accurate RTLS System Helps You Do More With Less

Overview: Sonitor Sense

Sonitor Sense is a flexible, open integration RTLS platform that combines our proprietary High Definition Ultrasound technology with Wi-Fi and LF, delivering a completely scalable solution that supports a broad range of applications - now and into the future.

The Sense technology platform consists of Sonitor’s location transmitters (LTs), gateways, SenseVIEW™ and SmartTags™, SmartTag Minis™ and SmartBadges™. 


Quad-LT’s (location transmitters) are wireless (power over Ethernet (PoE) optional), multi-function, battery-operated (4 standard D cell 1.5V standard batteries) devices that are mounted on ceilings (via simple clips) or walls and are assigned unique identifications (ID). These LTs transmit ultrasound signals that are synchronized by gateways and are then picked up by tags/badges that also have a unique ID. When the tags/badges receive the location information from the LTs, they communicate that location via Wi-Fi to a server, providing the exact location of that tag at the exact moment the signal is received. Ultrasound LTs can combine both ultrasound and low frequency transmitters in a single unit and enhance positioning accuracy and the update rate of the SmartTags and SmartBadges that receive the ultrasound signal.

Key Features:

  • A single device provides up to four distinct zones allowing for full flexibility with fewer devices

  • Wireless, 3-5 year battery life from 4 standard 1.5V alkaline batteries

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) option


The gateways synchronize the LTs via an 802.15.4 radio which provides remote configuration, troubleshooting and supervision. This synchronization allows multiple LTs to be mounted within hearing range of the tags or badges and ensures that they communicate their exact location in advanced deployments requiring very precise positioning such as bay, bed or chair level resolution. Gateways can also be equipped with Wi-Fi capability to provide a redundant communication path to a facility’s access points.  This can be beneficial in critical areas such as psychiatric units or emergency departments.

The Sense gateway backbone network is actively monitored, and communication with the LT is dynamically routed through any available gateway, guaranteeing high availability of the infrastructure at any time.



SenseView is a state-of-the-art software program designed to provide customers with confidence and reassurance of optimal operating system performance at all times. Easy-to-use, remote access allows you to monitor and view every room on every floor with unique mapping software and device location information.

SenseVIEW allows easy access to administration and configuration tasks for Sonitor tags and the infrastructure. It provides a single, comprehensive, easy-to-use web-based user interface to all the aspects of Sonitor’s RTLS.  It is typically used during the install and configuration phase.  In the production phase SenseVIEW also supports maintenance tasks such as infrastructure health monitoring and tag configuration.

SmartTags and SmartBadges

Our SmartTags and SmartBadges are embedded with the logic to know their location and to communicate instantaneously over your Wi-Fi network when their position changes. Not only does this provide real-time update rates, it enables industry-leading battery life for low maintenance and cost.

Key Features: 

  • Designed with the logic to know their location

  • They communicate a change in position instantly over a facility's Wi-Fi network

  • They deliver true real-time location status

  • They provide the contextual information such as location, time and person or item

  • They deliver industry-leading battery life for low maintenance and cost