Indoor positioning accuracy and reliability can help drive maximum productivity in your warehouse operations

You work hard to make sure your operations are optimized to work smarter, not harder. Helping your staff be more efficient and productive can translate into top and bottom line revenue by increasing number of products picked and packed and eliminating waste in underlying processes.

What if you could:







With Sonitor’s Forkbeard indoor positioning technology you can. Forkbeard helps you gain real-time visibility into your operation’s workflow, allowing you to discover and eliminate bottlenecks and quickly improve productivity. 

Here’s how:

Forkbeard is a technology that draws on the strength of BLE and further enhances it by combining it with the powerful, accurate positioning capabilities of ultrasound. Based on Fast Ultrasound Echo Location (FUEL), it delivers 100 times more location accuracy than BLE, allowing you to get down to the inch level accuracy you need in your warehouse. Lyra, powered by Phone-FUEL, delivers seamless integration on smart devices (iPhone, Android, tablets, smart watches, etc.) providing the most accurate wayfinding and room level location accuracy available on the market today, simplifying your need to find things fast.


Increase Order Fulfillment and Stock Replenishment Rates

Increase order fulfillment and stock replenishment rates by gaining real-time operational visibility. Lyra™, enables wayfinding application for smart devices and puts efficiency and speed directly into your worker’s hands by giving them the ability to identify the shortest, most accurate route to the products they need to find and pick, whether it’s a single pick or a multi-pick. Supervisors can review staff travel path and time analytics to identify ways to shorten travel distances and reduce travel time.

Safety Improvements

Ensure the safety of your workers by providing them with the technology and tools they need. Sonitor’s Forkbeard™ indoor positioning platform gives your staff access to help at their fingertips. This means they can get the help they need, the second they need it. And with Lyra’s accurate wayfinding capabilities, first responders can find the fastest available route to find them – getting the right people to the right place at the right time.