Sonitor Sense™ RTLS Helps Improve and Optimize Staff Workflow and Productivity

Control & Command

Sonitor RTLS is used to boost efficiency across the enterprise, with improved workflow being one of the biggest impacts. Workflow efficiencies can be influenced and enhanced through a myriad of factors and can lead to ripple effects across the enterprise.  

Sonitor enables workflow management applications with the most advanced, accurate and flexible RTLS technology available.

While there are many factors that influence workflow, some of the key areas of improvement that Sonitor enables include:

  • Reduced time searching for equipment

  • Improved patient tracking

  • Improved staff utilization

  • Managing bed turnover, thus reducing the time that patient beds are unavailable

  • Better ED management through reduced EMS diversions and ED developments, increasing throughput

  • Increased throughput in the OR, which also enables OR revenue enhancements by adding resource capacity