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Applications in Healthcare

asset management
patient flow
infection control
nurse call
environmental monitoring


Sonitor Sense™ Ultrasound-based RTLS provides unparalleled acuracy and reliability

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SmartTag Mini™: The smallest, smartest, most rugged full-feature RTLS tag available

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The Quad-LT Ultrasound Transmitter Series: More zone coverage with less hardware

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Perfecting Patient Flow at Sanford Health

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News & Events

EVENT: AHRMM 2015 - Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management

Visit Sonitor at AHRMM 2015 - Booth 1217
Meet Sonitor and partners at the AHRMM 2015 Conference and Exhibition in Indianapolis, IN, August 9-12, 2015. Please visit us in Booth 1217 any time during the conference or schedule a meeting to make sure you get time with one of our experts.

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NEWS: Quantification of the Hawthorne effect in hand hygiene compliance monitoring using an electronic monitoring system

HCW hand hygiene is known to be suboptimal and multifaceted improvement programmes are recommended, including measurement and feedback of compliance rates.

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NEWS: Choosing batteries for RTLS: Lithium or Alkaline?

Right now, many devices, especially RTLS systems, run on powerful lithium thionyl batteries, which are great, but pricey to buy and dispose of and have certain performance and risk issues vs. alkaline ones.

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