Sonitor Sense™ RTLS Helps Monitor and Report Environmental Conditions

Detect & Direct

Being able to accurately monitor the temperature, humidity, and pressure of healthcare in real-time has a broad range of financial, safety, regulatory, and care delivery implications in complex, fast moving healthcare environments.

In addition to providing the most advanced and flexible RTLS capabilities, the Sonitor Sense™ platform, powered by SmartZoning™ technology, has the ability to monitor and report on environmental conditions. Sonitor Sense Location Transmitters can be optionally configured with a range of additional sensors which enable the monitoring of temperature, humidity, motion (passive infrared - PIR) and pressure. This can be important in areas such as:

  • Patient rooms where temperature and humidity levels are not only important for patients' comfort, but could have an impact on their health

  • Storage areas where, for instance, equipment, supplies and medicines are kept and where climate control can have an impact on their functionality and longevity and/or shelf life

  • Sensitive areas such as the pharmacy where only credentialed and approved personnel are allowed