Healthcare RTLS

Advanced RTLS applications are providing the means for healthcare to innovate and become ultra efficient. Sonitor Technologies is helping to drive this transformation with its revolutionary RTLS platform, Sonitor Sense™. With an open integration platform, combination of High Definition Ultrasound™ technology and Wi-Fi, Low Frequency RF sensory technologies and intelligent Sonitor Sense™ Tags that adapt to their environment, global partners are assured of a superior platform on which they can innovate. From nurse call to infection control, and patient flow to asset management, Sonitor is the sensible choice for application partners.


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Asset Management

Track & Analyze

Knowing where all equipment is – in real time and at all times – has a broad range of critical financial, staffing, safety, regulatory, workflow and care delivery implications in a complex, fast moving healthcare environment.

Benefits include:

  • Optimized equipment utilization and accountability including rightsizing the pool of mobile medical equipment, reducing equipment loss, and minimizing rental costs

  • Optimized staff utilization, ensuring the best use of staff time to improve care delivery

  • More efficient workflow by reducing interruptions and time wasted locating equipment

  • Supporting patient safety efforts by ensuring that equipment is available and in proper working condition for appropriate and timely care delivery

  • Increased compliance with regulatory requirements by better management of preventative maintenance schedules

The Sonitor Sense™ open integration platform, powered by SmartZoning™ technology, enables asset management applications by delivering the most advanced, ultrasound-based, accurate, and flexible RTLS technology available for room, sub-room and bay level location capabilities.

Patient Flow

Follow & Fine-Tune

Knowing where all patients are – in real time at all times – saves significant staff time and enables facilities to improve workflow, patient throughput, resource management and patient safety.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced time searching for patient, expanding time for patient care and other patient-focused activities

  • Significant improvement in work flow, patient flow, staff utilization, job and patient satisfaction

  • Enhanced JCAHO compliance

  • Automated recording of associated location-based and time-stamped events, facilitating input for treatment and/or patient safety records (patient with equipment and/or patient with clinician)

The Sonitor Sense™ open integration platform, powered by SmartZoning™ technology, enables patient flow applications with the most advanced, accurate and flexible RTLS technology. 



Control & Command

Sonitor RTLS is used to boost efficiency across the enterprise, with improved workflow being one of the biggest impacts. Workflow efficiencies can be influenced and enhanced through a myriad of factors, and can lead to ripple effects across the enterprise.  

Sonitor enables workflow management applications with the most advanced, accurate and flexible RTLS technology available.

While there are many factors that influence workflow, some of the key areas of improvement that Sonitor enables include:

  • Reduced time searching for equipment

  • Improved patient tracking

  • Improved staff utilization

  • Managing bed turnover, thus reducing the time that patient beds are unavailable

  • Better ED management through reduced EMS diversions and ED developments, increasing throughput

  • Increased throughput in the OR, which also enables OR revenue enhancements by adding resource capacity

Infection Control


Control & Contain

While in healthcare facilities most RTLS solutions in healthcare facilities that are limited to tracking individual staff members and their movements (such as at hand-washing stations), Sonitor tags and receivers are now being used to track behaviors that can lead to infections. Their unique ability to provide accuracy at distances of less than 12 inches has brought infection control capabilities to a new level. This cutting-edge technology can track the movement of people and equipment from pumps to wheel chairs to mattresses to determine the time, location, and parties involved in possible exposures.

Combining Sonitor with a live software platform, provide reports can be generated indicating when individuals and assets have been in contact with each other. Today, Sonitor's advanced systems enable facilities to:

  • In real time, see which assets have been in contact with one another, and track the chain of contacts thereafter

  • Determine if and when a hygiene hygienic procedure like an equipment cleaning or hand washing has been missed

  • Improve the work process and behaviors to reduce the spread of infection

Staff & Patient Safety


Safe with Sound

Staff and Patient safety continue to be a growing priority and concern in healthcare and other industries and as a result, there is an increasing reliance on RTLS technology to accurately and reliably locate staff and patients in real-time to be able to respond quickly in time of need. Sonitor delivers two platforms, powered by SmartZoning technology, specifically designed to address the needs of these applications.

Staff Safety:
Workplace violence can have a significant toll on businesses and their staff. Aside from the injury posed to employees, customers, and others, workplace violence can impact employee morale, performance, the work environment, the establishment's brand, and pose liability risks that could result in significant expense. Sonitor's SenseSafe technology is specifically designed for duress and safety use-cases and provides the most advanced, accurate, reliable, and flexible real-time location data so that timely assistance can be given to assist staff in threatening or dangerous situations.

Patient and Resident Safety:
Wandering patients or residents, injuries suffered by a patient or resident while wandering, and unauthorized access to sensitive areas of a facility can burden caregivers, staff, and family unnecessarily. Sonitor's SenseAlert™ technology provides a discreet, flexible solution for helping solve potentially dangerous situations like patient and resident wandering and unauthorized access to sensitive areas of a facility without compromising freedom of movement.

Benefits of these technologies include:

  • Preventing and detecting patient falls

  • Reducing risks for "wandering patient" elopement and injury

  • Staff duress alarms in help keep employees safe

  • Timely emergency response time

  • Peace of mind

Nurse Call


Care & Comply

Nurse Call Management software has become increasingly sophisticated, providing a wide number of automated applications that were previously manual. These include automatic nurse call cancellation, as well as automatic logging of the nurse's response, which in most states is required by law. By allowing the responding nurse to immediately address the patient's clinical need, this supports better patient and nurse interaction and care. Nurse call RTLS/ USID is becoming the standard today. Almost all new nurse call systems are being installed with high-accuracy RTLS Integrated systems. It also enables compliance with the statutory requirements, and improves ease of logging and reporting. Sonitor's RTLS is enabling nurse call functionality to achieve new levels of efficiency, and compliance, leading to ultimately superior patient care.

Environmental Monitoring


Detect & Direct

Being able to accurately monitor the temperature, humidity, and pressure of healthcare in real-time has a broad range of financial, safety, regulatory, and care delivery implications in complex, fast moving healthcare environments.

In addition to providing the most advanced and flexible RTLS capabilities, the Sonitor Sense™ platform, powered by SmartZoning™ technology, has the ability to monitor and report on environmental conditions. Sonitor Sense Location Transmitters can be optionally configured with a range of additional sensors which enable the monitoring of temperature, humidity, motion (passive infrared - PIR) and pressure. This can be important in areas such as:

  • Patient rooms where temperature and humidity levels are not only important for patients' comfort, but could have an impact on their health

  • Storage areas where, for instance, equipment, supplies and medicines are kept and where climate control can have an impact on their functionality and longevity and/or shelf life

  • Sensitive areas such as the pharmacy where only credentialed and approved personnel are allowed



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